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About the Unified Modeling Language Specification Version ...

The Object Management Group® (OMG®) is an international, open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium. Founded in 1989, OMG standards are driven by vendors, end-users, academic institutions and government agencies.


SPECIFICATION | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

specification definition: 1. a detailed description of how something should be done, made, etc.: 2. a clear, detailed plan…. Learn more.


How to Write a Technical Specification - wikiHow

Sep 09, 2019· How to Write a Technical Specification. A technical specification (tech spec) is a document that explains what a product or project will do and how you''ll achieve these goals. In a tech spec, show your client and team members what problem...

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    Guide ASD-STE100 (ASD Simplified Technical English Specification ; anciennement AECMA PSC-85-16598). Savoir exiger, revue Direction informatique. Ingénierie des exigences - Une méthode simple et systématique [PDF], revue canadienne de l''IEEE

  • iPhone X - Technical Specifications - Apple Support

    Aug 09, 2019· * To identify your iPhone model number, see /kb/HT3939.For details on LTE support, contact your carrier and see .apple /iphone/LTE ...


    OpenAPI Specification | Swagger

    The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) defines a standard, language-agnostic interface to RESTful APIs which allows both humans and computers to discover and understand the capabilities of the service without access to source code, documentation, or through network traffic inspection.


    Specification | Definition of Specification at Dictionary

    Specification definition, the act of specifying. See more.


    Standard Specifications Library

    Please Note: All Workbook History files have been relocated to The Florida Department of Transportation FTP site. When prompted, simply type "guest" as the username. NO PASSWORD IS NEEDED. For more information, please see this guide. The guide is under construction.


    Specifications financial definition of specifications

    specifications. The detailed requirements for some or all aspects of a construction or development project.For example,cabinet specifications might detail the type and quality of wood for the doors, drawer bottoms, and cabinet fronts and sides; full-extension or limited-extension drawer glides capable of supporting certain weights; the type and thickness of paint or other finishes; and the ...


    Specifications | Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ – The Official ...

    *All specifications and descriptions provided herein may be different from the actual specifications and descriptions for the product. Samsung reserves the right to make changes to this web page and the product described herein, at anytime, without obligation on Samsung …


    Specification (technical standard) - Wikipedia

    Free Building Product Specifications - All of ARCAT specs are written by CSI Fellows. ARCAT Specs are complete, accurate, and in the CSI 3-part and the Canadian CSC formats for building and construction professionals. Our building product and material specifications are free to …


    Specification | Definition of Specification by Merriam-Webster

    Specification definition is - the act or process of specifying. How to use specification in a sentence.


    Specification Products – Curing Concrete

    E5™ Internal Cure is the fifth element to concrete, and solves the most common problems with on-site concrete production. E5™ Internal Cure simplifies the specification and completion of concrete slabs for all parties by ensuring a quality finish that is sustainable, quantifiable and …


    HTML Standard

    This specification refers to both HTML and XML attributes and IDL attributes, often in the same context. When it is not clear which is being referred to, they are referred to as content attributes for HTML and XML attributes, and IDL attributes for those defined on IDL interfaces. Similarly, the term "properties" is used for both JavaScript ...


    specification - Wiktionary

    Oct 15, 2019· specification (countable and uncountable, plural specifications) An explicit set of requirements to be satisfied by a material , product , or service . An act of specifying .


    Specifications | Bluetooth Technology Website

    The building blocks of all Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth® specifications define the technology building blocks that developers use to create the interoperable devices that make up the thriving Bluetooth ecosystem.Bluetooth specifications are overseen by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and are regularly updated and enhanced by Bluetooth SIG Working Groups to meet evolving technology ...


    Specification - definition of specification by The Free ...

    Define specification. specification synonyms, specification pronunciation, specification translation, English dictionary definition of specification. n. 1. The act of specifying. 2. a. specifications A detailed, exact statement of particulars, especially a statement prescribing materials, dimensions, and...


    exFAT file system specification - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

    exFAT file system specification. 08/27/2019; 106 minutes to read; In this article 1 Introduction. The exFAT file system is the successor to FAT32 in the FAT family of file systems. This specification describes the exFAT file system and provides all the information …


    Vorbis I specification - Xiph

    1. Introduction and Description. 1.1. Overview. This document provides a high level description of the Vorbis codec’s construction. A bit-by-bit specification appears beginning in section 4, “Codec Setup and Packet Decode”. The later sections assume a high-level understanding of the Vorbis decode process, which is provided here.


    TIFF - itu t


    TIFF 6.0 Specification Final— June 3, 1992 8 TIFF Administration Information and Support The most recent version of the TIFF specification in PostScript format is available on CompuServe ("Go ALDSVC", Library 10) and on AppleLink (Aldus Devel-opers Icon). Sample TIFF files and other TIFF developer information can also be found at these locations.

  • KDOT: - Specifications

    Nov 15, 2018· 2015 Edition - Standard Specifications for State Road and Bridge Construction NOTE: The 2015 Standard Specifications can be ordered by using the Standard Specifications and Construction Manual Order Form 2015 Special Provisions NOTE: Project Special Provisions are NOT posted individually online. They can be found in the Contract Bidding Proposal, either the electronic file or …